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20-05-2021 by FSI Editors

FSI CEO on the Government Affairs Committee of the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association

We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Dennis Tsalikis, will be serving as a member of the Government Affairs Committee of the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA)!

FSGA’s Government Affairs Committee works with state & federal politicians, regulators, lobbyists, as well as individual FSGA member companies regarding fantasy sports and sports betting state, and to maintain resources that track state regulations and legislation.

The FSGA is committed to advocating for fantasy sports and sports wagering legislation that allows for a competitive, mobile, and legal marketplace.

The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association’s Mission is to support fantasy sports, sports gaming, and new forms of fan engagement.

The Association’s Vision is to connect fans to the sports they love, and for this purpose FSGA embraces innovation, future-focused goals and pro-business values, while actively supporting Legal Game Play and dedicating their efforts to customers’ protection.

FSI - Fantasy Sports Interactive is an awarded Fantasy Sports and betting provider run by a team of people who are experienced on both B2C and B2B levels of gaming and betting operations.

Its CEO, Dennis Tsalikis, has a deep knowledge of the sports betting industry and is passionate about innovation, user engagement and responsible gaming. 

Regarding his membership on the FSGA’s Government Affairs Committee, he stated:

“I am thrilled, humbled and grateful to be selected as a member of the Committee. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Association congratulate my fellow members and promise them all to contribute to the Committee’s Mission to the best of my ability. It is an honor to be part of this team, and as a fantasy sports entrepreneur who has always sought to bring innovation in the sports betting industry under responsible gaming standards, I feel I’m in the right place, at the right time! I look forward to contributing to the Committee’s important work!” 

Meet the FSGA Government Affairs Committee:


Peter Schoenke


  • Griffin Finan
  • Stacie Stern
  • Adam Wexler
  • Stephen Krombolz
  • Gunnar LaCour
  • Michael Petropoulos
  • Dennis Tsalikis
  • Jonathan Ahrens
  • Michael Jester
  • Marc Zwillinger

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