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30-11-2021 by Maria Arnidou

US Gaming Revenue: The Fantasy Prospects of Betting

When you wake up to industry titles like “Pennsylvania Sets New Records in Sports Betting in October”, and read that Pennsylvania became the third State after New Jersey and Nevada to reach an all-time $10 billion in sports betting handle, that’s when you know that the global igaming industry has entered a new era.

An exciting era nonetheless, with an almost vast audience varying between eager and untapped, vibrant Regulatory Authorities and active legislation, as well as numerous opportunities for exposure and Marketing.

And all this is happening in the United States, proving that America is still the Land of Opportunity.

US Commercial Gaming & Betting Revenue

In terms of revenue and traction, the American Gaming Association (AGA) which has been monitoring and recording nationwide revenue from traditional casino games, sports betting and iGaming, announced that the overall gambling activity has surpassed $13.89 billion in the third quarter of 2021, marking a new quarterly record.

But beyond casino and brick and mortar, sports betting and iGaming also set a quarterly record, with the iGaming vertical growing 4.1% from the last quarter, while sports betting revenue generated in the third quarter was up 153.1 percent from a year ago, at $886.5 million! Despite the limited summer sports calendar, the quarterly low for 2021 in both revenue and handle was at $11 billion - compared to $13.02 billion in Q1 and $11.10 billion in Q2. Not too shabby for a “low season”.

US Sports Betting Operators: The Retail vs. Mobile Showdown

As both the industry and mainstream media have been covering the news of the US betting industry boom, another igaming outlet, Gaming Today, informs us that the $1 billion mark in total sports wagering handle has already been surpassed by the State of New Jersey, amidst a rapidly growing betting market and fierce competition - where big brands like DraftKings and BetMGM are already offering sports wagering in at least 15 states.

The revenue channel mix is especially interesting and indicative of our time - both in terms of technology and the pandemic - with the mobile betting handle being significantly higher than the retail:

(Graph Source: Gaming Today)

The numbers once again confirm that online betting as well has entered the mobile-first era for good. And considering the post-PASPA market profile, apart from the newfound freedom and safety consumers enjoy within a strong local regulated market, the ability to play safely online is one of the biggest advantages and a game-changer for the entire industry.

Now, sports betting proceeds to the next level, in a virtual omnipresent portable environment which also doubles as a complete entertainment experience, instead of a plain transaction. Stats, show and social connectivity unite to create opportunities for user engagement, new forms of content, and second screen experiences for sports fans watching the games from their TV, mobile and laptop screens.

The Role of Stats and Fantasy Sports

Furthermore, the very basis of this novel way of content consumption and user engagement apart from technology and communications, is a sports fundamental and a staple for the American fan and fantasy sports manager: statistics.
Stats as a performance measure and proof of excellence have been “feeding the fire” in the hearts of loyal fans, in the rosters of season-long Fantasy Leagues, and in DFS managers’ leaderboards.
Without a doubt, fantasy sports have been an all-time favorite game among American sports fans, whose love for statistics and healthy competition inspired the creation of Daily Fantasy Sports - which one could say paved the way for sports betting legalization and have most definitely influenced the contemporary US sportsbooks and online betting platforms.
Let’s not forget that two of the currently most successful sportsbook operators were the most successful DFS operators, first! DraftKings and FanDuel are household names that turned the newfound sports betting options into an attractive offering next to the familiar DFS contests.

Fantasy Sports & Betting: A Match made in Software

When it comes to the US market, sports betting may be younger than fantasy sports, but it is already “the next big thing” - one that thankfully complements DFS perfectly: Daily Fantasy players are already stats-savvy and more than ready to place a moneyline bet or props prediction while waiting for their Guaranteed Pot Contest to wrap, and watching the matches.

The Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA) has highlighted the significant overlap between fantasy sports players and sports bettors demographics since 2019:

Fantasy players:

81% male, 19% female
50% are between the ages of 18 -34 (average age is 37.7)
67% are employed full-time
47% make more than $75,000 (national average is 34%)

Sports bettors:

80% male, 20% female
50% are between the ages of 18-34 (average age is 38.1)
67% are employed full-time
45% make more than $75,000 (national average is 34%)

The US iGaming market has faced its share of obstacles and it is not without complexities, however, it is true to its contemporary character utilizing all assets of modern technology as well as its own historic advantages, while making the best of the country’s experience and expertise on marketing and communications.
Although there’s still room for improvement, Its balanced mix of regulation, mobility and flexibility is a breath of fresh air within the global - occasionally much older - iGaming and betting industry.
And while sports betting is booming and for Daily Fantasy Sports it's business as usual, the “missing link” between the two - and the future of iGaming - is an offering that will attract sports bettors, fantasy sports players and everyday sports fans alike.
A fresh but familiar concept in sync with the times, that will fulfill the need for user engagement, mobility and modern content.

The FSI Team identified this need and developed an innovative solution fusing the key elements of sports betting with fantasy sports, in order to provide a complete portfolio’s advantages both for customers and operators in one Suite:

The original Fixed-Odds-Fantasy Suite brings the Fantasy Sportsbook Innovation to the iGaming and betting industry in 3 engaging products and the first fixed odds fantasy betting markets! The Suite is available in a customizable iFrame or via direct feed.

Find out more and make the first step to reaching the Fantasy Prospects of Betting!


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