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23-12-2021 by FSI Editors

FSI Officially Introduces Sportsbook Manager

January 2022, London, UK, Athens, Greece, Alpharetta, USA: Fantasy Sports Interactive is proud to introduce the official video campaign of their innovative Fantasy Sports Betting Suite, the original Fixed-Odds-Fantasy, moving on to the premiere of the promo video for Sportsbook Manager.

Beyond the gaming consoles and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Contests, sooner than the season-long Fantasy League, and now in the heart of an Innovative Fantasy Sportsbook…

…this is FSI’s Sportsbook Manager!

FSI is the innovative sports betting software provider that introduced fantasy sports betting in Europe and the UK in the early 2010’s. The company has evolved its offerings to original Performance Betting markets combining Fantasy Sports and Sportsbook.

Our key innovation is an exclusive, world-first product suite, "Fixed-Odds-Fantasy", which combines fixed-odds betting with fantasy sports gaming.

FSI’s fixed odds solution is the only Fantasy Performance Betting product that has been live and available to consumers since 2019, both online and in retail shops, through partnerships with international betting operators and members of the World Lottery Association (WLA).

We Premiered Fixed-Odds-Fantasy (#FOF) at ICE London 2019, and since then, we have evolved it to a diverse Suite of Performance Betting offerings, based on a unique Fantasy Sportsbook mix combining fantasy sports gaming and traditional betting.

Sportsbook Manager is the first and only Fantasy Team-based Sportsbook Market, combining all the elements of Daily Fantasy Sports gameplay (Fantasy Points scoring system, Team Creation, Daily Contests), with classic sports betting!

FSI compiles and provides Fantasy Odds for Fantasy Points Targets, making Fantasy Contests the New Betting Markets!

Set the Contests and pass the ball to your managers: time for them to bet on their very own Squads!

All they need to do is what they already know best: how to make the most competitive Fantasy Teams in the field – only this time they check the Team Performance Odds and place their bets to beat the bookie, not other managers!

A Fantasy Manager competes for the Guaranteed Pot; the Sportsbook Manager takes calculated risks with their Fantasy Squad!

Check out the rest of the original Fixed-Odds-Fantasy #FOF Suite now:

Find out more about FSI’s Performance Props and Man2Man markets, and contact us for more information and a Demo:

Join the Fantasy Sportsbook innovation by offering a unique, DFS-based sports betting market that is all about Fantasy Team Management against the Sportsbook odds.

Promote Fan Engagement and enhance sports fans’ second screen experience in every game with FSI’s Daily Fantasy Sportsbook markets!

About FSI:

Fantasy Sports Interactive - FSI is an awarded, innovative Fantasy Sports and Performance Odds provider, offering a complete range of fantasy options for the sports betting and iGaming Industry. Aiming at user engagement and meaningful second screen experiences, we bring the Game back to the forefront of Betting, and the Sports Fans back into play!


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