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06-06-2022 by FSI Editors

Sports Analytics Workshop 2022 Experience: FSI Video & Recap!

As we have shared with our peers and followers, this is the second year that FSI had the pleasure and privilege to participate in the Sports Analytics Workshop organized by the Sports Analytics Group of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB).

The Sports Analytics Workshop (SAW) is organized by the AUEB Sports Analytics Group, led by Professors Dimitris Karlis and Ioannis Ntzoufras, and it is an annual conference dedicated to all topics where mathematics and sport meet.

This year, our COO, Bill Mexias, and the Ηead of FSI’s Analytics Department, Vasileios Palaskas, had the pleasure of representing FSI once again as speakers, presenting our company’s innovative Fantasy Sports Analytics for athletes’ performance, and a joint project with professor Ntzoufras, a Performance Evaluation of the EURO 2020 Soccer Players based on Fantasy Sports Points.

The original article of this Performance Evaluation of the Euro 2020 footballers was published here, on FSI’s official News blog for the international audience and the iGaming industry, and on one of Greece’s most reputable financial newspapers,

Bill Mexias opened the presentation, introducing the concept of Fantasy Sports and skill gaming to attendees, as well as FSI - Fantasy Sports Interactive as an awarded Fantasy Sports Software company. Bill offered some context to the audience, presenting FSI’s international clientele and the company’s specialization in the performance prediction markets (props) of individual athletes.

He then passed the ball to Vasilis Palaskas, FSI’s Data Scientist, holder of MSc in Statistics and Research Associate at AUEB Sports Analytics Group, who explained further FSI’s work in sports analytics, and proceeded to walk the audience through the entire project of Euro’s Players Performance Evaluation. Vasilis explained how the analysis is based on the performance of athletes per position, as it is recorded through sports statistics and their “translation” to Fantasy Points, according to FSI’s Fantasy Sports Scoring System, and proceeded to reveal who were the Top EURO 2020 Players and why.

You can view FSI’s presentation by Bill Mexias and Vasilis Palaskas in the video below, here or on YouTube.

This is the recording of FSI's presentation via the Workshop's virtual coverage on Microsoft Teams, recorded by Mr. Panagiotis Zoris (member of the AUEB Sports Analytics Group, holder of MSc in Statistics, and FSI Analytics Intern)  on behalf of the AUEB Sports Analytics Group.

We would like to thank the Group and Professor Ntzoufras for kindly sharing the video with us and providing permission to share it with our audience!
Also, we would like to thank everyone who attended the Workshop, in person and online. We hope our content was constructive to you, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone again in the next Workshop!


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