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22-07-2022 by FSI Editors

FSI Onboarding: From Fantasy Sports to Sports Betting

Welcome to FSI’s new content section!

Follow us to a journey “back to basics”, where we revisit and analyze all the fundamentals of the fantasy sports and sports betting industry.

The FSI Onboarding Series is a series of videos featuring vital bits and pieces of information about the iGaming and betting industry in short, sweet and fun videos!

Made to educate the new members of the #FSITeam, we are thrilled to share this content with our peers as well, and anyone interested in the niche fantasy sports industry, and ever-growing sports betting sector.

As we proudly stand at the crossroads of these two industries, bridging them with our innovative Fixed-Odds-Fantasy #FOF products, we are excited to share our experience with our new recruits, our aspiring colleagues, and the collective iGaming family worldwide!

FSI Onboarding Vol. I: What Is Fantasy Sports

In this first video we cover how the game works in under a minute, briefly touching upon Fantasy Leagues and Contests.

For more information about the difference between these two, stay tuned for our next Onboarding Video: Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)!

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