Awarded iGaming software house Fantasy Sports Interactive (FSI) has been the first company to launch fantasy services in Europe through its own brand, Bet4theBest, and the first one to introduce a variety of fantasy gaming and betting options.

Next to standard fantasy pool game formats, FSI launched original concepts of Instant Fantasy games ever since the open beta phase of Bet4theBest in 2013-14. Fast-forward to the future and ICE London 2019, they introduced the first Fixed-Odds-Fantasy concept, an exclusive, world-first product, actively combining Sportsbook Gameplay with Fantasy Sports.

Meanwhile, technology and communications breakthroughs brought forth the mobile-first era, and the FSI team used their IT and Marketing expertise to design products focusing on user engagement and customer acquisition to serve virtually every business and industry.

Realising the variety and versatility the contemporary fantasy gaming industry demands, FSI focused on the development of a core system able to feed, connect and support a whole range of fantasy offerings. Thus, FSI Nucleus was created.

As its name suggests, this is the Nucleus of FSI’s Offerings.

A versatile fantasy gaming core that serves as the base for all the FSI products.

A Triple-Core System (Scoring – Team Creation – Live Updates), feeding all Fantasy Sports Interactive concepts, while inspiring the future ones, too.

Its unique architecture is the key point ensuring the optimal level of flexibility, enabling Nucleus to support various fantasy formats:

  • Standard Daily Fantasy Sports Lobby
  • Original FSI Fantasy Management Format
  • Exclusive FSI Fantasy Sports Offerings (Fantasy MVP, Fixed-Odds-Fantasy and varieties).

Nucleus is accompanied by a powerful Management, Monitoring and Data Tool, the FSI Control Center.

A complete Back-Office System for the entire FSI suite, giving operators full control through a powerful and user-friendly Admin Console.

Administrators are able to build and run their own games and contests; gather and evaluate business data to manage and decide game content and commercial tactics.

The FSI Control Center allows operational transparency and flexibility for advanced Business and Marketing Insights, while Nucleus materializes operators’ business strategy through a solid panel of contest, gaming and betting options.

Operators are now able to base their Business Planning on trusted, goal-oriented data reports and offerings they can set up and control directly, without the need of a third-party.

Ultimately, Nucleus can power a complete Fantasy Sports suite which can be offered as a standalone platform, or a variety of individual fantasy gaming offerings, depending on the customer’s needs.

Maria Arnidou, FSI’s Marketing & Communications Manager, said: “Nucleus is the result of non-stop work and inspiration stemming from FSI’s hands-on B2C experience, and our valuable partners’ feedback throughout daily B2B operation and R&D. It is the upgraded FSI gaming core, designed to back both standard Fantasy formats and FSI’s exclusive ones.

As we seek to Raise Your Game, it is only natural that we first – and constantly – raise our own”.


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