Classic Fantasy Sports & DFS

Are you looking for a classic offering similar to the Official Fantasy Premier League? Or for a contemporary must-have like the U.S-style Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Contests?
FSI has been innovating in Fantasy Sports since 2012, introducing:
  • No-Budget Fantasy

FSI was the first company to introduce Fantasy Sports gameplay without Budget/Salary Cap – meaning that fantasy managers have no budget, player salaries restrictions or time-consuming browsing to do. Users just select their Dream Team and they are ready to go!

  • Original Fantasy Contests

Variety is the key to audience reach, user engagement, customer acquisition and retention. FSI has introduced original Fantasy Sports offerings such as the Fantasy MVP and social fantasy gaming.



FSI is proud to introduce the Next Level of Fantasy Gaming:

An exclusive, world-first product, actively combining Sportsbook with Fantasy Sports, bringing you an offering for bettors, skill gamers, fantasy managers and every sports fan!

Fixed-Odds-Fantasy is the first Fantasy Sportsbook product featuring a complete fantasy odds feed, generated by an original AI-based fantasy odds generation algorithm.

It features unique fantasy sports betting markets that elevate betting standards, as Fantasy Sports give players control and promote user engagement through skill gaming.

Fixed-Odds-Fantasy is part of a complete Fantasy Sportsbook Suite featuring all traditional betting formats, such as Under/Over and Head-to-Head.

Set the Odds with Fantasy Sports!

  • Quick & Easy
  • Resolves Player Liquidity Issues
  • Cuts Marketing Expenses
  • Doesn’t Need Separate Licensing


  • Fits the Mentality of Your Customers
  • Increased Playability
  • Maximized Audience Reach
  • Content Marketing Options

FSI Engagement

FSI Mobile-First concepts focus on user engagement and customer acquisition for iGaming and betting companies, Telecoms and Digital Sports Marketing – but they can serve virtually every business and industry.

We focus on Sports and Engagement Variety, aiming at providing the best live second-screen experience, lead generation tools and the optimal Acquisition rate.

Gameplay Formats:

  • Original No-Budget / No-Salary Cap Fantasy
  • Standard Fantasy Sports Lobby
  • Pool Games
  • Daily / Weekly / Season-Long Fantasy Sports
  • Original Fantasy Skill and Prediction Games
Stay in Control

FSI Control Center

  • A complete Back-Office System for the entire FSI suite.
  • Take full control through a powerful and user-friendly Admin Console.
  • Build and run your own games and contests; gather and evaluate business data to manage your game content and commercial tactics.
  • Enjoy operational transparency and flexibility for advanced Business and Marketing Insights. Base your Strategy on trusted, goal-oriented data reports.
the FSI Core


  • The Nucleus of FSI’s Offerings.
  • A versatile fantasy gaming core that serves as the base for all the FSI products.
  • A Triple-Core System (Fantasy Scoring – Team Creation – Fantasy Odds Generation), feeding all Fantasy Sports Interactive concepts, while inspiring the future ones, too.
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