the FSI Core


  • The Nucleus of FSI’s Offerings.
  • A versatile fantasy gaming core that serves as the base for all the FSI products.
  • A Triple-Core System (Scoring – Team Creation – Live Updates), feeding all Fantasy Sports Interactive concepts, while inspiring the future ones, too.


FSI is proud to introduce the Next Level of Fantasy Gaming:

An exclusive, world-first product, actively combining Sportsbook with Fantasy Sports, bringing you an offering for bettors, skill gamers, fantasy managers and every sports fan!

Fixed-Odds-Fantasy features challenging Points Ranges and enticing Odds that elevate betting standards, while Fantasy Sports give players control and promote user engagement through skill gaming.

Fixed-Odds-Fantasy is part of a complete Fantasy Sportsbook Suite featuring all traditional betting formats, such as Under/Over (FOF Under/Over) and Head-to-Head (FOF Versus).

Set the Odds with Fantasy Sports!

  • Quick & Easy
  • Resolves Player Liquidity Issues
  • Cuts Marketing Expenses
  • Doesn’t Need Separate Licensing


  • Fits the Mentality of Your Customers
  • Increased Playability
  • Maximized Audience Reach
  • Content Marketing Options
stay in control

FSI Control Center

  • A complete Back-Office System for the entire FSI suite.
  • Take full control through a powerful and user-friendly Admin Console.
  • Build and run your own games and contests; gather and evaluate business data to manage your game content and commercial tactics.
  • Enjoy operational transparency and flexibility for advanced Business and Marketing Insights. Base your Strategy on trusted, goal-oriented data reports.

FSI Engagement

FSI Mobile-First concepts focus on user engagement and customer acquisition for iGaming and betting companies, Telecoms and Digital Sports Marketing – but they can serve virtually every business and industry.

We focus on Sports and Engagement Variety, aiming at providing attractive second-screen experiences and the optimal Acquisition

Gameplay Formats:

  • Original No-Budget / No-Salary Cap Fantasy
  • Standard Fantasy Sports Lobby
  • Pool Games
  • Daily / Weekly / Season-Long Fantasy Sports
  • Original Fantasy Sportsbook / Betting